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Combined shower tub – here are 20 truly exceptional ideas!
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Combined shower tub – here are 20 truly exceptional ideas!

It must be remembered that in terms of bathroom furnishings it is a very good solution to have the combined shower tub in one room of the house, don’t you agree?

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Precisely because we really care about functionality and comfort in terms of home or interior furnishings, we want to present our article today dedicated to the furnishing of your fabulous bathroom, as you may have already understood by yourself.


This aspect is very valid especially for smaller bathrooms, as we already know. Opting for a bathroom with a combined bath and shower, in fact, is the ideal solution for not giving up one of the two elements, both very important in terms of bathroom furnishings, as we all know.


As for the choice of the elements, you can decide to opt for a combined system, or if you prefer you can also decide to equip your existing tub with a shower, simple right?


Nowadays in commerce you can find really many variants, in the unique products made specifically for the double function bath with shower, generally the bathtub already has a front panel that will obviously serve, to attack us the shower stall later.

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This variant, for example, often guarantees much easier access to the pool, so you will make the whole process much easier for the whole family, especially for your children.

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We advise you to opt for this variant especially if you have elderly people at home, as most of the times these compositions are equipped with a low step, very convenient for everyone.


Furthermore, in these models the taps and fittings are already provided, so you don’t have to think about this part, which is fundamental in every case for every type of bathroom, regardless of the style and design in which it is furnished.


When we talk about these compositions with combined bath and shower, we often mean real oases of well-being, equipped with whirlpool baths and multi-functional columns.

Combined shower tub – here are some very original special and fashionable solutions for you all!


If instead you are part of that percentage of persione who prefer to equip their already existing bath with a very functional shower panel, you should know that even in this case you have several possibilities from which you can choose.


The variants from which you can choose in this case depend above all on the position occupied by the tub inside your bathroom, it is fundamental, even though it might seem very stupid to you as a first-impact reason.

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The ideal solution in this case is to choose a simple fixed or mobile splash guard, to be chosen according to your personal tastes and needs.

Combined idea-stunning shower tub

If you have chosen this method, you must follow simple steps in order to apply your shower in the fastest and most functional way. In fact, the most practical solution is to apply the shower enclosure to the edge of the tub, or at the end, or to a part of the wall, the choice is up to you even in this case.

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In the event that you have a larger room available, you can afford to give life to a real wall made with shower panels, there are usually three, but you can decide the perfect number for creating your fairytale bathroom.

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If you choose this method with multiple panels instead, you should know that this way you can see all the long side of the tank, so if this is your goal, it is the perfect choice.

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We would also like to point out that these panels can be folded like a book and can be freely placed against the wall, so don’t worry, in this way the long side of your bathtub will remain uncovered and free.

Combined shower tub to give life to a breathtaking bathroom, really!

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If instead you have decided to close the whole tank, you can opt for a portable system, one of those self-supporting structures that hook onto the wall, at the two side ends, this is the best choice so as to be able to realize a self-leveling mechanism.

combined proposal-particular shower tub

When your bathtub is carved into a niche, it is very easy to equip the still free space with a single sliding wall, which will close the niche itself once inserted and ready for use.

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As you can understand the variants to furnish a combined shower tub are so many, everything depends also in this case on your personal needs and tastes, as for every other part of everyday life in the end.

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