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Classic dining room – timeless choice for living area
French classic dining room interior design wonderful

Classic dining room – timeless choice for living area

The classic dining room has incorporated the codes of traditional furnishings, adapted and transformed for our lifestyle. This so decorated environment must be warm and welcoming, ready to accommodate family and friends. Because first of all, the dining room is the meeting place for all family members for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Classic dining room with dark wood furniture

formal dark wood classic dining room

To keep this room so welcoming, the focus is on neutral and authentic tones: white, beige, brown, gray or bright and intense tones like burgundy, navy blue and English green. We go into details on how to decorate the classic dining room.

Classic dining room with modern decor

classic dining room modern decor

The classic furnishing furniture is of a period type mixed with modern elements. If you are about to rebuild the room, you can find this type of furniture at the flea market if you want to spend little. Alternatively, large chains offer many choices. Thanks to the stable colors you can create a perfect harmony.

Classic furniture of great style and elegance

classic dining room decor beautiful decorations

The dining room traces a wide range of styles, from the scandal to the Provencal style, all authentic and sober, dated by an irresistible charm. To create a peaceful and harmonious environment, we immediately think of the dining table located in the middle of the room with the chairs around it.

Very luxurious furnishings and decorations

very luxurious classic dining room

Many times the composition is surmounted by a suspended chandelier. In most cases, this could be crystal or metal. In all the dining rooms there is a sideboard. This element can never be missing.

Some contemporary motifs to complete the design

classic dining room contemporary motifs

Sometimes it is presented as a buffet. The classic dining room evokes an old style that focuses on simplicity in being at home. This environment must be differentiated from the living room and kitchen.

Large dining table with gold decorations

classic dining room large table

Furthermore, outside meal times, it can be used as a place to work, study or enjoy a cup of tea with friends. That is why, this place must have a relaxed spirit, capable of making us escape from everyday life.

Very elegant environment with piano as a decorative element

very elegant classic dining room piano

Many people prefer modern interior design as it is tidier and simpler. But many others prefer the classic and traditional one. A classic design is based on order, balance and perfect harmony.

Classic dining room

classic luxury brilliance dining room

Unlike modern design, the classic one uses traditional elements with many focal points. The elements of great use are the carpets, carpets, candle holders, chandeliers and many others. Even the fireplaces are strong points in a classic environment. To start decorating with this style, of course you have to start with the table and chairs.

Dark colored wooden furniture and a chandelier that really makes a scene

classic dark wood dining room

The combination of dark and light is perfect

classic light wood dining room

They must be made of wood, but the color, light or dark, you choose according to your tastes and according to the rest of the furniture. The idea of ​​having dark colored or otherwise very colorful wallpaper gives a great opportunity to be brave and create a dramatic setting. Fabrics such as silk and velvet on curtains and upholstery add a decadent touch to any occasion. Furthermore, they can be changed at any season to change the mood of the room in an instant. Lighting is a key element.

Classic furniture with a modern wine cellar for the wine in the dining room

classic decor modern wine cellar

Try to exploit natural light as much as possible, so it will add some warmth during the cold season.

Solid wood and walls decorated for a classic style

classic dark wood furniture suspended chandelier

A chandelier suspended on the dining table will be a focal point, but so is a candelabra that will be able to create a relaxing environment perfect for a family dinner.

Very bright and elegant setting

interior design classic style white furniture

Obviously we must not forget the table linen. Many women prefer to leave the table naked, but a beautiful white tablecloth is always elegant for every occasion. Furthermore, the porcelain service will look great and every time you make beautiful figures in front of your guests.

Classic dark wood dining room furniture

dark wood dining room furniture

All this creates a luxurious, elegant and comfortable environment. Your guests will feel truly pampered. Shiny cutlery and bright glasses will reflect the light of the candles and in any case will improve the atmosphere.

Combination of colors for a vintage ambitete

gray dining room

The last thing to do is put a nice bottle of wine and you’re done. This environment must be furnished in the way you like it and with the accessories that are to your taste. Important to know how to manage spaces well without overloading the environment.

Dining room integrated with a country kitchen

dining room integrated kitchen country

Clean furniture without too many decorations is the right way to make it look elegant and stylish. To succeed in this venture we consider leaving the walls in white or in cream color.

Dining table decorated with beautiful flowers for an elegant touch

dining room dark wood large table

The dining room furniture should help to create a warm and welcoming environment. A pair of floral patterns will help you achieve this.

Put the services of dishes and glasses in plain sight giving a traditional look

classic decorations classic dining room

The oak furniture or polished wooden cabinets are a valid choice to contribute to furnishing. Even the carpets are very popular, as they bring warmth and comfort. Surely the dining table is the main element, so concentrate on it.

Light wood is perfect for a classic style

light wood furniture colored carpet as decoration

A classic example in light wood

classic style wooden furniture colorful picture

Vintage furniture is a great choice

vintage furniture classic dining room

Try to give them a tip based on your tastes, taking into account the general guidelines about the style we are trying to achieve.

A suspended crystal chandelier fits this style very well

large classic style dining table suspended chandelier

The buffet shows well the antique service and the chandelier is really impressive. The upholstered chairs are able to spoil your guests during an elegant dinner.

Victorian style composition

table chairs Victorian style sideboard

The carpet with floral motifs matches perfectly with the vase of flowers and the color of the furniture. Everything gives the environment an elegant and stylish atmosphere.