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Blue sofa: 50 proposals for a classic to modern furnishing
blue sofa-proposal-style-original

Blue sofa: 50 proposals for a classic to modern furnishing

Are you planning to renovate your living room? The blue sofa is a choice that can give color, tranquility and even relaxation to the environment. Here you will find fifty different models, from the most elegant to the most modern, in as many shades, from light blue to turquoise, from midnight blue to navy. Different shapes and materials but a single color, blue, a non-obvious shade, indeed, rich in personality that transforms sofas and armchairs into furnishing elements that immediately capture attention. As Vincent Van Gogh said “There is no blue without yellow and without orange”. Referring to the dictates of chromotherapy, blue is the color linked to thought and meditation, therefore to harmony, relaxation and rest. A blue sofa is therefore ideal for enjoying relaxing moments with family or friends. Reading a good book, watching TV, sipping herbal tea and so on will be even more enjoyable. What’s more, a blue sofa, depending on the combinations, is able to give life to truly chic and trendy scenarios.

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blue sofa-center-scene

If you match it with white or with shades of gray and brown you will get a chic and elegant atmosphere. The same if you match it with wooden furniture, both contemporary and with retro lines. And what about the combination with golden details, of which you have some splendid examples here? The blue sofa will be at the center of a warm, welcoming and very sophisticated scene. If instead you choose to combine it with white or metal furniture, your living room will take on a fresh, modern and at the same time relaxing mood. To determine the style of a sofa, in addition to the shape and fabric, ground supports, the so-called feet, also contribute significantly. If they are visible, the rest of the furniture must be taken into consideration.

blue-lounge-wide-modern sofa

An example: if metal elements are present, it is better to have the same finish. If, instead, they are made of wood, it is advisable that the essence is at least very similar to that of the furniture. As for the cladding, in general it must be coordinated with the fabrics of cushions, carpets and curtains. As far as the tonality is concerned, the latter can either take the color of the sofa, or be in a chromatic gradation or present a sharp contrast. The blue sofa is a trendy and elegant choice at the same time that turns into an original and alternative option if combined with intense colors, such as yellow or orange. As you can see from the many proposals we have selected to provide you with a broad and varied overview of the subject, there are many types of sofas to choose from.

blue-option-elegant-velvet sofa
orange-blue sofa-pillows

In assessing which model is the best for you, the size of the living room must be taken into consideration first. For example, a two-seater model is the ad hoc option for a small living area, while an angular or chaise longue is the perfect choice for larger and more spacious environments. A blue sofa can be embellished with colorful cushions, among which yellow and orange offer a truly remarkable eye-catcher. For those who love neutral colors, white and beige are ideal. If your choice fell directly on a blue sofa, it is beyond doubt that your living room will be an oasis of style, relaxation and timeless elegance, where it will be a real pleasure to spend your free time with your family, friends and relatives , immersed in total comfort. All you have to do is choose the blue sofa and armchairs that best fit your context and start looking forward to your new, elegant and trendy living room.

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blue two-seater sofa
blue-elegant-wall-gray sofa
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sofa-dark-blue three-seater
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sofa-navy-blue armchairs
sofa-night-blue chaise-longue
sofa turquoise-blue-velvet