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Bathroom mirrors: cutting-edge ideas and solutions
bathroom mirrors wooden frame

Bathroom mirrors: cutting-edge ideas and solutions

Furnishing and decorating the bathroom is an activity that requires commitment and dedication. In this article you will find some information to refer to when designing this intimate space, going into the specific and treating the topic bathroom mirrors.

Bathroom mirrors: a proposal in black and white with a modern design

black white bathroom mirrors

Together with the thirty-four images proposed here, you can get inspiration and start the renovation work immediately. The mirror is the furnishing complement that can make the difference. Not the case in almost all proposals, this so versatile element is the focal point.

Bathroom mirrors: here’s how to design your toilet in an elegant way

modern design bathroom mirrors

It is capable of giving life to the old bathroom and completely changing its appearance. The mirror is an essential design element for this environment, the equivalent of the framework in the living room. It is impossible to imagine a bathroom without this accessory.

Mirrors for bathroom and a proposal with black design furniture

mirrors for double solution bathroom

It is appreciated by women who love caring and is able to offer so much in terms of design and decoration. Large or small, mirrors can completely change the look of the entire environment.

Modern style bathroom furniture with a very large mirror and wooden suspended furniture

large bathroom mirrors suspended wooden cabinet

But how to choose the right one for the furniture already present? As a general rule, we always recommend following the thread of the style already present, we are talking about finishes, colors and materials. As we said,

Tip with a classic style freestanding bathtub and mirror

bathroom mirrors freestanding idea

this furnishing complement must in all ways meet your needs, which however often becomes a challenge to be overcome. With the images proposed here we offer a rich collection of varied ideas absolutely to be reproduced in your home.

Simple design for a bathroom with exposed wooden shelves

bathroom mirrors wooden view shelves

At the end of the article, you will surely find the one that will make you fall in love. The main objective is to create harmony and combine everything in the best possible way.

A very original idea for a bathroom with a special bathtub

bathroom mirrors lacquered wooden cabinet

Why not give a touch of design even to the mirror in the bathroom? In terms of style, this element can have different inclinations, from classic to modern. The important thing is that they are elegant, with or without particular details.

Suggestion with wooden suspended furniture

very large bathroom mirrors

This toilet accessory can have different sizes and shapes. Round, oval or rectangular, the mirrors are functional and, depending on the design, can give charm and class.

Bathroom with a wooden wall and ceramic floor

bathroom mirrors wood wall ceramic floor

The well defined shapes, smooth and without decorations are typical for the minimal style of furniture. They are undoubtedly modern and can be easily combined with the toilet furniture that has been in vogue recently.

Bathroom furniture with wooden furniture and many mirrors

practical bathroom mirrors long narrow solution

On the other hand, for the materials we can emphasize that glass combined with steel is the most classic solution, but not the only one. It is often possible to meet those with wooden frames. Wood is a valid choice if the furnishing style you have decided to set in your bathroom is a classic one.

Bathroom mirrors with a particular shape and many decorations

bathroom mirrors proposed many decorations

The color must be decided based on the rest of the shades present. It is easy to understand that it gives warmth and welcome to the environment. If, on the other hand, you want to amaze everyone who enters your toilet, then you need to focus on some modern solutions.

A proposal with LED lighting and a white cabinet

bathroom mirrors LED lighting solution

Leafing through the images, you will surely find contemporary inspirations able to satisfy your needs. The visual effect is very important, in order to create an environment with a unique charm.

Minimal black and white design for an elegant and refined toilet

bathroom mirrors avant-garde suggestion

The chrome details offer a modern and timeless design. Some accessories such as baskets and shelves can help improve the appearance. Of course, as always, we remember that leaving your personal mark is of great importance.

A tip in vintage style with two mirrors and a freestanding bathtub

bathroom mirrors suggestion vintage style

So think about it too. By continuing to talk about modern style, we cannot overlook lighting. Setting the right one is as important as making the environment functional.

Bathroom mirrors: here’s how to furnish a bathroom with a modern design

bathroom mirrors freestanding bath wooden floor

In recent times, the market has focused on products that offer cutting-edge solutions with white and colored LED lights. It is also possible to play with the latter’s forms.

Here is an elegant proposal with two mirrors with a rectangular shape

simple design square shape bathroom mirrors

The frames that will embellish the mirror, as we said earlier, can be of different material. Based on this, the rest will also be given off with furniture and other furnishing accessories.

Tip for a very large bathroom with three round mirrors

Round shape bath mirrors backlit

The mirror is just a detail to be able to create a comfortable environment, able to give moments of relaxation. Of course the rest of the furniture should not be underestimated. Like everything else, these elements also differ in terms of location and performance.

An interesting idea with wooden suspended furniture

bathroom mirrors simple elegant idea

In a bathroom that respects itself you can find those for the wall, from the ground, with a container and with integrated lights. The simplest design is represented by those with a simple surface, with a greater or lesser thickness. A valid alternative is the one with the container compartment. Plus if it’s double, the functional aspect will not be missing.

Very elegant bathroom with vintage style mirrors

vintage style bathroom mirrors

Particular proposal with copper faucet and a very large mirror

mirror bathroom simple wood furniture design

This type of design is very often encountered when we have a double sink. If the space you have available allows it, do not hesitate to install this solution also for your bathroom. If, on the other hand, you are intent on creating an avant-garde bathroom and without a single doubt, then your choice will have to fall on an unconventional form.

Proposal with a rectangular mirror and LED spotlights

suspended bathroom mirror rectangular mobile shape

Suggestion for decorating and decorating the toilet in the Zen style

mirror bathroom rectangular shape wooden furniture

Many manufacturers offer interesting shapes and original designs. This is the perfect way if you want to add an innovative and different element. Remember that in this case, to avoid cluttering and weighing down the environment, decorations and accessories should be avoided. Is your toilet long and narrow? Therefore, it is advisable to insert more mirrors along the wall.

Bathroom mirrors: an idea with wooden container and furniture

very large bathroom mirror furniture wood furniture

Another very useful suggestion, besides the right disposition, is to vary the form of the latter. Maybe even leaving a certain distance between one and the other. For an eclectic style it is possible to mix materials and design.

Bathroom furniture with a suspended cabinet of modern design and white color

white suspended bathroom furniture two framed mirror

The combination of wood and metal is just one example. In most cases, the mirror is hanging on the wall. However, if you want to be different, freestanding is the solution for you.

Bathroom furnished with a dark colored piece of furniture and a large mirror

modern bathroom furniture with long rectangular mirror

It will certainly be a very interesting element in your toilet. It is possible to choose from a variety of materials. The most common are once again wood and metal.

Here is a very interesting and at the same time elegant suggestion with a container mirror

large mirror white furnished bathroom

Even the simplest mirror could be modified with the addition of a backlight. It is possible to buy mirrors with built-in lights. The latter are ideal for bathrooms with little light.

Luxury bathroom with a freestanding mirror

luxury bathroom freestanding mirror idea

Soft lighting helps make the moments in the tub even more pleasant and relaxing. With the addition of a few scented candles the picture is completed.

Here is an eclectic style proposal with an original sink

here is how to mix different design styles bathroom mirrors

Here is a very interesting eclectic style proposal with a red sink. The mirrors are small with a small frame with a personal letter. A very original solution to furnish and decorate the bathroom.

The mirror can also be set near the bathtub

original mirror idea beside bathroom tub

In the image above instead we present a particular proposal in which the protagonist in this article has been placed next to the bathtub. This represents a modern solution for a designer toilet.

Modern design bathroom furniture with a freestanding bathtub

suggestion furnish modern design bathroom furniture

In this composition an entire wall is equipped with a mirror with a storage compartment. The opening mechanism is ultra modern and without handle. The freestanding bathtub with modern lines completes the entire picture, giving elegance and class.

Classic style solution and two mirrors with wooden frame

suggestion elegant mobil black color mirrors wood frames

For a classic bathroom, wooden furniture is a must. You should not be afraid to use wood for a humid environment like the bathroom. The various manufacturers have marketed furniture solutions with waterproof furniture and surfaces.

Creative suggestion with lots of wall mirrors

very creative suggestion round shape mirrors

We conclude our proposals with two truly unique and unique images. The penultimate composition represents a bathroom furnished and decorated in a very personal way with a wall with many mirrors having a round shape.

Provencal-style decor with two inclined mirrors

Provencal style bathroom decor Two inclined mirrors

The latter, on the other hand, is a demonstration of how the Provencal style can also be applied to bathroom furnishings. In search of ideas, do not hesitate to view our other articles.