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Bathroom design: proposals from classic to ultra modern
ultra-modern bathroom-proposal design

Bathroom design: proposals from classic to ultra modern

Setting up the bathroom in the most appropriate way means being able to indulge in relaxation and moments of authentic pleasure, regenerating in body and spirit. Yes, because this room is increasingly at the center of attention with regards to its furnishings, at least, like all the others in the house. Today we suggest ten different bathroom design ideas, all of which share the high degree of aesthetic pleasure and comfort.

minimal-design bathroom-idea-furniture

Proposed in lines with the latest trends, each of its kind. We have decided to select proposals that range from the classic style to the ultra modern, so as to offer a wide range from which to extrapolate the idea ad hoc. In short, everyone has the bathroom design that suits him best. Looking through the gallery of ten images, you will certainly find the right inspiration, the ad hoc solution to create your ideal bathroom. From a simple service room, over the years the bathroom has gained importance on an aesthetic level so much so that today it is possible to set up magnificent bathroom designs, authentic stylistic masterpieces, where even comfort reigns supreme.


The bathroom is in fact the room where you regenerate yourself after a long and stressful day away from home, with a regenerating shower or a relaxing bath, pampered by the splendid atmospheres created for example by the light effects of the shower or by the hydromassage of the tub. There are many solutions, some really beyond imagination. If your choice falls on an elegant bathroom design, but without too much pomp, the classic style is ideal.


So focus on a sober decor with some details borrowed from other styles to make your bathroom even more original. In furnishing an intimate room like the bathroom, you need to follow your own personality. If the traditional, simply elegant atmospheres do for you, the classic bathrooms are the ideal choice.


In this kind of compositions, wood furniture, dark or otherwise in warm colors, is a must. For sanitary ware, choose white porcelain, or powder pink or ivory. Bath or shower? As we have been able to emphasize in other circumstances, the tub offers a unique atmosphere. For lovers of modern style, the bathroom is the ideal room to put it into practice.


Elegant and refined lines, but also ultra modern and essential, floors and tiles in an elegant anthracite gray, or black and white, suspended sanitary fixtures with design shapes, chromed and elegant accessories, the use of precious materials are some of the possibilities to realize modern design bathrooms. Also in this case, the choice between bath and shower depends on your taste and your specific needs.


The market offers very interesting proposals for both solutions. In particular, walk-in showers and freestanding baths are able to literally steal the scene, as well as offering maximum relaxation and well-being. The rustic style is another interesting solution to set up the bathroom. The elements to be leveraged are wood, stone and materials such as, for example, copper.

bathroom-vanity-modern-rustic design

Surely you will have suffered to admire the image where a bathtub made of this material with a warm and welcoming nuance is perfect, perfect for a rustic style. Nothing prevents, then, from mixing the various designs. Referring once again to the gallery of images that accompany our writing, you will find an example a vanity (right above) that proposes a successful marriage between rustic and modern style.

ultra-modern bathroom-vanity design

If you don’t have a lot of space, don’t worry. It is indeed possible to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, with all the necessary comforts. When it comes to bathroom design, chandeliers also play an important role. Choose the solutions that best meet your taste and that best fit into the context, bearing in mind that the bathroom needs two light points, one softer and one stronger.