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Bathroom chandeliers: a range of proposals from modern to traditional
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Bathroom chandeliers: a range of proposals from modern to traditional

The bathroom, besides being a particularly intimate room, is also the one that needs more lighting. This is why the market offers a wide range of solutions regarding bathroom chandeliers. Style and adequate light must go hand in hand: here are twenty-five proposals ranging from contemporary to the more traditional, with different elegant and refined ideas, ideal for completing the various types of furniture. When planning the type of lighting to be used for the bathroom, it is important to consider both functional and aesthetic factors.

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Retro-style bathroom chandeliers

In order to obtain an optimal situation, it is important to provide at least two light sources of different intensity, so as to choose the one most suited to the various activities taking place in this room. As with all the rooms in the house, it is also important to take advantage of natural light. However, the bathroom is often poorly lit.

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It is therefore appropriate to consider inserting a combination of LED lamps, or appliques or spotlights able to offer the right lighting. There are so many options related to bathroom chandeliers because this place is gaining more and more weight in furnishing and home design. To obtain a soft, warm, relaxing and enveloping light, very similar to natural light, ceiling lights or wall lamps are the ideal solution, especially if they reflect light against the ceiling.

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If the dimensions of the room allow it, orient yourself towards those suspended bathroom chandeliers, for example in crystal with chrome or gold-plated steel details (here you can see examples for both solutions), which will give the room an extra touch in terms of of elegance and refinement. As you can see from the proposals gathered here, very often in modern contexts it was decided to include very elegant bathroom chandeliers in classic style. And the result is before your eyes: truly remarkable, both in terms of elegance and personality. If instead your bathroom is set in a rustic style, let yourself be inspired by the solutions proposed here with details in wood and gold, both of great effect.

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