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Autumn decor to decorate your living room
autumn decorations ideas inspirations living room

Autumn decor to decorate your living room

The autumn decorations as an idea to decorate the living room and to enter this season in full are a great idea. When the seasons change, they bring with them a whole other atmosphere. In autumn the temperatures drop, it starts to get cool and the sky starts to get grayer. Then it is advisable to add a little more color to the house. Since the living room, set the tone of the rest of the house. We have collected some ideas and images to decorate it.

Autumn decorations for the living room with many typical elements of the season

autumn decorations orange color decorations

The colors that predominate are the neural and dark colors. In fact they are typical of this season and will be part of your stay all the time.

Autumn decorations to decorate the shelf above the fireplace

autumn decorations pumpkin fireplace decorations

If your living room is finished, and you are completely satisfied, there is no reason to make radical changes for just one season. You can definitely bring home a few twigs of withered leaves or autumn flowers to decorate your table.

Decorations and design for a different and special stay

autumn decorations design living room decorations

The oak twigs make a fine figure in a large vase, ready to embellish the table. If you wish, you could also bring home some dried leaves or flowers and spread them around the living room, so we would have the feeling that autumn is at home.

Decorations and ideas to decorate the fireplace with a few sprigs and dry leaves

autumn decorations living room fireplace decorations

Living room decorated for autumn with cushions and typical colors

DIY autumn decorations

The vase full of colored leaves or seasonal flowers, are indicative of the period, but you can point further with a couple of pine cones and small pumpkins placed on the table or on the shelf above the fireplace. Let us remember what Halloween also comes, so the pumpkins are priority. Symbol of this fun holiday. In a neutral decor, all you need is a bit of sparkle with the typical colors of the moment. And it is here that a single vase can significantly transform the appearance of your living room.

Simple decoration for having a fall at home

autumn decorations fireplace decoration ideas

An elegant touch with the leaves as a decorative element

autumn decorations ideas fireplace decorations

Look at the pictures with the autumn decorations we have designed for you. Even a wooden basket can definitely strengthen the autumn atmosphere. As a support we can add a candle in the shape of a pumpkin to have a more refined decoration. If you want, you can use fake flowers, which will surely perform the same function as the real ones. But unlike the real ones, which when we see them wither, will be daunting.

Living room decorated with fake flowers in a vase

autumn decorations large decorated living room

Simple and elegant decorated lounge to host the autumn

autumn decorations classic living room ideas

On the other hand, however, the pillows will last the whole season and if you want even more. Choose dark colors, such as a dark brown, light brown, orange, why not, even purple.

Funny writing that reminds us of this beautiful season

autumn decorations written decorated autumn

Of course, all other fabrics like curtains and carpets will require much more investment. The combination of a single orange cushion can immediately change the look of your living room.

Autumn decorations for the living room with themed cushions and potted rametii

autumn decorations simple DIY ideas

Orange integrates well with all other neutral colors. It should not be difficult to introduce it into existing furniture. You just have to decide how many you want to add. An ideal combination would also be that of blue and orange together. For wall decorations we can suggest some painting that represents nature.

Cushions in seasonal colors and leaf-shaped objects

autumn decorations living room decorative elements

The furnishings in gold tones are beautiful all year round, but they are wonderful during the autumn. There is something special about this color that creates a unique look for the cold season. A red sofa may seem very extravagant, let alone a velvet sofa. But it would be great, just with the theme.

Pumpkin is typical of the season so it cannot be missing in the decorations

autumn decorations home stay ideas

Even a yellow pillow can make you feel autumn

autumn decorations practical living room ideas

I would say that buying a new sofa, just to be on the subject, is an unnecessary investment. To solve this case, only a sofa cover is needed, a cover to change the view of the furniture.

If you want to add style to your living room table, porcelain pumpkins are perfect

autumn decorations decorated pumpkins table

Having autumn decorations in the living room is just a matter of taste, but it certainly makes you happy and puts you in a good mood. The copper color is still in fashion, and is part of the trend this season.

Idea for decoration with lanterns and dry leaves

autumn decorations lantern dry leaves

If you have a fireplace in your living room, this is the focal point of the room. The flames strengthen the charm of the decorations. Adding some decoration to a shelf above the fireplace solves everything in minutes. Just put on, a pumpkin, some dry leaves, some pine cones and you’re done. But not only can the shelf be decorated. We can also make a small touch around the fireplace.

DIY adoobo with decorative leaves to adorn the table

do it yourself living room decorations

Some ideas for autumn decorations can be lanterns, a few cushions on the floor, a blanket and you are ready to spend beautiful moments with your loved one. If you want to make things a little more luxurious you can put on a rug or an animal skin.

Autumn decorations with leaves and pumpkins as decoration for the fireplace

autumn fireplace shelf decoration ideas

Only one element is able to bring nature into the living room

autumnal decorations rustic style living room

have an elegant style, but don’t overdo it. If you want your furniture to look like this, don’t overdo the decorations. A single focal point is enough to relate to the autumn theme. Like the choice of colors, even the choice of suitable materials is of fundamental importance to create an autumn atmosphere. Wood is an element that makes the environment warm and welcoming and, therefore, well suited to the spirit of this season.

DIY decorations to give personality to your living room

autumn decorations pumpkins mantel fireplace

Some other useful idea to face the autumn season

decorative pumpkin leaf flat elements

Among the fabrics, you can opt for both wool and cotton, to choose, for example, a wraparound blanket or a warm rug. Let’s summarize a little. The main colors are yellow, orange, brown and dark red.

An original idea to receive friends for lunch and make them feel the spirit of autumn

room pumpkins decorations

You can use them both in furnishings and in decorations. To the recommended autumn colors you can also add a touch of acid green or sage, which goes perfectly with orange, yellow and dark red and energizes the whole. Even the red combined with the plum color is a refined combination suitable for the living room.

Living room decorated with vase and dry branches to remember the season

elegant living room autumnal tree decoration

Once you have decided on the colors and materials that best fit your home, all you have to do is move on to the practice and look for objects that harmonize the various rooms with the autumnal spirit.

Fireplace decorated with writing and small ornaments and themed cushions

living room idea fireplace autumn decorations

There is no need to radically change the appearance of the house to achieve the desired effect, but even a few simple touches with some accessory and ornament are enough to create the right atmosphere.

Vase with fake flowers, and cinnamon scent that makes us adore this season

special jar comfort cinnamon pumpkins

Modern living room with a touch of autumn decoration

living room autumn ideas decorate style

Original wooden coffee table, typical of this season

living room sofa written autumn decorations

Original tables in rustic style that differ from the rest of the furniture. The vase and the twigs give the feeling of having autumn at home.

Abruptly but pleasantly decorated living room

idea decoration living room colors autumn elements

The colors and autumnal elements are present in full in this photo, with cushions with typical colors and decorations on the table.

Leaf-shaped decorative element

decorative element orange candles leaf

Leaf-shaped decoration used for candles. The candles are orange, which is one of the colors that represents autumn. These small elements can be useful in the decoration of the living room.

Stay elegant with autumnal elements

elegance decoration style meet autumn

Elegant living room with few decorative elements.

White living room, bright which gives this season a little gray

white sofa basket wood element autumn

Original living room, with original decorative elements to represent autumn at the most. The white gives light to this season that is already gray of his.

Autumn decorations for the mantel

interior design living room fireplace design

Simple decoration to give an artistic touch to the mantel. Besides dried flowers, porcelain pumpkins give an irresistible originality.

A coffee table decorated in a romantic way

assembling romantic pumpkin candles leaves

To spend a romantic evening in the company of a loved one, decoration is essential. Leaves, candles and soft light create an indescribable romanticism.